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To the North Coast Journal's credit... this usual left leaning publication actually called me to get an update on where BRC gets its funding. 
Thanks to several BRC members in the Eureka area who called this publication and asked them to "get it straight." (or at least straighter than many news outlets).  She reviews history of BRC and Wise Use Movement
and how BRC  sharpened its focus to recreational access to public lands. 
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I wonder if this is another case of that old political saw' "absolute power corrupts absolutely"?


We all can relate to that feeling of helplessness / powerlessness we feel when faced with the un-bridled absolute power of the CA Coastal Commission (i.e. not un like that of the judicial system &/or the IRS). 


One should ask, who holds the Commission responsible to the will of the people of CA; the Assembly Speaker, the Sierra club or the Pebble Beach Co.? One pol? One special interest group or company? One can only wonder as we read this from our good friend Jenny McNamara:


I see your names in the DNN Blog news and read this in the rag this day and

want to know if it is newsworthy so you may pass it on should you wish to do

so. … 


 Just the fact that they are having controversy amongst themselves, seems

newsworthy and the "right to remove trees" is another. Workings of the

Sierra Club still another


Speaker's appointments to Coastal Commission Draw Questions


Sacramento (AP)  Assembly Speaker Fulton Nunez appointed four alternates to

the California Coastal Commission, a move the Sierrra Club and at least one

commissioner said he had no authority to do.

    The Friday appointments came days before the commision is scheduled to

cast a final vote on a multimillion golf project in Pebble Beach, a high

profile development backed by actor Clint Eastwood, former Major League

Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth and retired golfer Arnold Palmer.

    The Pebble Beach Co. - which hosts an annual fundraiser for the

Democratic Party -- is pushing the project, which commission staff in March

described as "highly problematic" because developers would cut sensitive

pine trees in the Del Monte Forest and pave wetlands.

    Nunez appointed three new alternates -- Elizabeth Brem, Adi Liberman,

and Ralph Rubio -- and reassigned David Allgood, alternate to commissioner

Steve Padillia, to another commissioner.

    "The speaker is trying to insert a yes person who has no experience in

coastal issues," commented Mark Massara, an attorney and director of Sierra

Club's coastal programs.

    The appointment of Blem especially raised eyebrows.  She is expected to

vote in place of Padillia, who cnanot make Wednesday's meeting.

    Padillia said only he, and Nunez, can decide his alternate.  He said

Allgood, not Brem, will vote in his place.

    Nunez spokesman Steve Maviglio defended the appointments, saying the

speaker has the rights to make the changes.  He disputed charges of vote


 (Del Norte Triplicate  -- Saturday, June 10, 2006 Pg. A12)

Many many thanks Jenny,



Saturday, May 06, 2006

Del Norte News: Archie

The family and friends of Archie Gargaetas extend thanks to the women and men of Del Norte County’s volunteer fire departments. They turned out in strength at Archie’s funeral to say farewell, bells ringing and sirens wailing, to a man they obviously loved.

Archie embodied everything we hold dear about opportunity, liberty, and individuality. Archie’s devotion to the Greek Orthodox Church, his commitment to fire fighting, his passion for sports and his generosity made him a man recognized by the entire community.

He was a successful businessman, operating Archie’s Chevron station at 6th and H Street, and then working as a landlord and apartment housing developer.

He proudly displayed the American flag and the Marine Corps flags on his pickup.

Archie received wounds while fighting on Iwo Jima in the Corps. The sounds of taps and an eight gun salute over his gravesite, delivered by his brother marines, lead to his wife Dottie and his daughter Sophia requesting that we recite Archie’s favorite prayer: The Pledge of Allegiance.

If, on Heaven’s scene, we truly will find the streets guarded by United States Marines, it will be a true pleasure for each of us to enjoy once again the joyful company of Archie.

Archie Gargaetas was 80 years young.

Guest written by: Rick McNamara



Here is the letter that was submitted.


Dear Editor,


The Del Norte County Board of Supervisors meeting of 2/28/06 gave me a lot to digest.  What was presented concerning the expense reporting practices of the county employees was atrocious.  Coming from the private sector and having to do a bit of traveling, the expense reporting system used by local government can be described as “stone aged” 

This is the second time within a few short months that this problem has occurred.  In most intelligent and functional organizations, the reoccurrence of the same problem results in extensive investigation and a plan of corrective action.  They should not just fix the present problem but make sure that it does not reoccur. 

The county procedures and processes are lacking and need to be changed.  The next Board of Supervisors meeting should address this problem.  First of all, the statements “Travel is allowed to conduct “the business of the county under three categories (1) normal duty, (2) statutory meetings, and (3) other meetings and training sessions. 

That definition is so non-specific that anyone could justify any travel.  I think that statement has been previously used in a loose manner.  Only now has it been used as a weapon. 

There is a very simple solution.  Why not use the private sector methods.  The first step in preparing to travel is to submit a “request to travel”.  Someone in authority must approve that document.  That is the same person that signs the final expense report.  Someone must take responsibility!  What does that mean?    Someone must decide whether travel is justified before it happens.  We do not want our public servants hung out on a limb financially.  We do not want the travel expense system used as a political tool.  My suggestion would go a long way to having our county employees protected and others accountable for their decisions.  

The Kellog beach access problem could be handled in much the same manner.  Look at the basic problem and make sure that it does not occur again.  When the State Park System acquired Kellog Beach was the present access problem forseen?  Will the acquisition by the State Park System of any more Del Norte County land produce the same access problem?  To prevent more land access problems the simple solution is very apparent.  Let Del Norte County control it's own destiny.  

We should not have to fix the same problem day after day after day if we want to expend our energy on progress. 

From: Larry Epperson
Date: 03/07/06 22:16:41



Kellogg Beach Use is in Danger

The Lake Earl Grange has been working very hard to protect our uses of Kellogg Beach.

The use of this beach as we know it today, could be gone tomorrow. That's right, if the Critical Habitat for the Western Snowy Plover goes through we as local Del Norters have much to lose. This designation of habitat is proposed by the USFW and comments are being accepted until February the 15th. To date the Lake Earl Grange has generated 600-800 letters from private citizens opposing such designation.

What could be lost from this designation?? The answer is "most everything". Surf fishing, horseback riding, dog walking, hiking on the beach, ATV use, public access for all vehicles, agate hunting, shell collecting---just to mention a few. This designation starts just North of Kellogg Road, includes about 1/3 of the County Parking lot, continues South and includes the walk in access through out Pacific Shores, the vehicle access on the Southern end of Pacific Shores and then proceeds South for a short distance past the breach site.

You can plainly see that every use will be lost from March to September each year. If we don't speak out we will lose out!


Letter to the editor

Oct. 28, 2005

Enter content here


Two thousand five hundred dollars ($2500.00) was collected for a charity within Del Norte County. I have yet to see in your newspaper the above story. St. Jude’s received the money from the

St. Jude Ride/Cruise held October 16. Off road riders honored their pledges despite being met by a California State Parks Ranger, who informed them not to unload their vehicles or they would be cited for disobeying a peace officer.

At an earlier Del Norte County Board of Supervisors meeting the State Parks supervisor stated that the parks would begin enforcing a no vehicle on the beach rule in 2006 and start an education program in the interim. This was the start of the education program!

I wonder how much money could have been collected for the St. Jude’s children’s cancer treatments if the ride had gone unchallenged.

I would like to see an honest attempt for the newspaper to publish unbiased opinions from both sides of controversial issues. Perhaps the Editor could create a pro/con format on local issues.

That might even increase circulation of the newspaper.

A citizen for equal rights.

Eileen Mitchell

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