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Dune Fest 2006

August 31, 2006
By: Staff report





For those of you who haven’t made the trip to the Oregon Coast yet, you’re missing out. Let’s forget for a moment that it’s one of two dunes that make their home on the west coast shoreline and simply talk about the beauty these dunes offer. We were amazed at the backgrounds those evergreens provided to the crowd of sand enthusiasts who made Reedsport Oregon their home for a few days.

This was no doubt a great place to spend a week in the middle of summer. Dune fest has become a circus of events that is fun for the whole family. Blue skies and cool winds kept things moving all week, until the haze showed up for the last day of events. With kid events starting on Wednesday and bonfire and DJ dances on Friday and Saturday nights, Dune Fest fans were entertained well past sun down over the weekend. ...
  This event has easily become as popular as two other Midwest events; the Snake Hunt near the Little Sahara State Park in Oklahoma and the Highlifter Mud Nationals in Texas, all three of which have seen crowds come from many states away and stay for days at a time.


This event was also a testament to what type of machines are brought to any type of dunes. We saw the newest and oldest of quads and sand rails, dirt bikes and even a couple three wheelers. And of course we saw many golf carts and UTV’s.  There were even a few of those little 70cc 3-wheelers some were using at pit bikes. And just in case you needed a few spare parts or new bling, there were vendors on hand to supply you with just about everything sand related and beyond.

If any of you are curious to know how far people will drive to attend this event, we met folks from southern California, to Canada and of course a few who drove from states further east. After asking around a few campsites, we were a little surprised how many out of state people came, more than half the people we met were from out of state. The question is, will they be back for the 2007 event? Make plans now, it will be from July 31-Aug 5, 2007. Check out the official Dune fest website at for a complete list of events from this year’s event and to order a DVD from the 5-days of action. 


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Talked To:

The Northcoast Cliffhangers 4X4 Club


In a phone interview with Steve Bigham,  Pres. Northcoast Cliffhangers 4X4 Club, I heard several comments on the alternate "SSSolution" to the Tollowa Dunes / Kellogg Beach (TD/KB) "worm trail".


OHVers arguably represent one of the largest demographic groupings in our Del Norte community. They have shown their muscles at several evening meetings held by such organizations as the Federal Forest Service and more recently the State Parks Workshop on the TD/KB. It is surmised that this OHV activist stand is responsible for the reluctance of SS et al on the Board of Supervisors from holding open "Town Hall" meetings in the evening.


Steve reports; that the proposed SS alternative is not a substitute for the ocean beach and sand experience of "worm trail". The TD/KB area is far safer for young and inexperienced riders making it great for family, elderly and handicapped use.  Steve said; he is familiar with the proposed alternative, it is narrow and dangerous in several places. Also much, if not all, is already designated as county road and open to street legal vehicles like 4X4 trucks and jeeps.


Steve also noted; that for an "upland" experience the Northcoast Cliffhangers 4X4 Club has already adopted "Rattle Snake Ridge" and is presently working on it for OHV use. However, if the Board of Supervisors wanted to offer the SSSolution as an adjunct to the TD/KB and "Rattle Snake" experience they should contact the club and they would be more than willing to talk.


For more comments from Steve Bigham Pres. Northcoast Cliffhangers 4X4 Club - watch for future articles in your Grange E-News.




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