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The Del N0rte News

passes along this lendary lesson from  history


Let's hope this is one case where history does not, repeat does not, repeat its self! The higher lake level was a bad idea then, is a bad idea now; and guess what - it'll be a bad idea tomarrow! 



DNN - OLD News that should be re read.


The following Sierra Times report references Sarah Sample's decission on Bloody Valentines day February 14th 2003, to flood her constituents out of their homes.

CA: Lake Earl Flooding Leads to Mysterious Lake Breach
By J.J. Johnson - Sierra Times

Crescent City, CA continues to be embroiled in controversy. Lake Earl was mysteriously breached after the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors were called to an emergency meeting by Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson on March 25th. Wilson declared a health and safety emergency at Lake Earl.

At issue is the ongoing saga of allowing the lake to virtually flood the town for environmental reasons.One of Wilson's motivations is the old Fort Dick dump, just off of Kellogg road. The dump, on School District Land, has a clay cap but no liner. The County claimed it was used for “household trash”, but everyone knows that automobiles and agricultural chemical barrels are buried there. The dump is inundated with water when the Lake reaches between five and six feet. Additionally, septic systems began to fail and and wells were in danger.

The Daily Triplicate reported that one woman had to be rescued from her home in Pacific Shores by Del Norte Search and Rescue. Rescuers reported traveling a mile in their boats over County Roads to reach her.Sheriff Wilson reportedly gave the County Supervisors two letters. One with the option of getting the myriad of permits demanded by various agencies, and one insisting the breach should be undertaken even if the agencies balk.

The Supervisors, who voted February 14th to leave the Lake un-breached, voted 4-0 to open the Lake. County Planning Director Ernie Perry told Dan Honeywell that the County would open the Lake even thought the Army Corps of Engineers would probably not issue a permit.

Lake Earl Grange conducted an informational protest of the politics, and bad policy, surrounding the Lake at this weekend’s Aleutian Goose Festival. In February, supporters of the festival asked the Board of Supervisors to leave the Lake un-breached because it is better kayaking when the Lake is at flood levels.

The Grange also put up signs along access roads. Slogans included, “If you love geese, hug a farmer.” A “Burma Shave” series says; “Honk for Geese”, “Honk for Ranchers”, “Honk for Four Feet”. The Ranchers lose $250,000.00 per year in pasture to the geese, who have been forced out of State pasture land by the flooding. Four Feet is the historic management level of Lake Earl. These signs were vandalized.

One of the most controversial signs, which was described by Goose Festival organizer Sandra Jerabeck as, “cute” read, “Goose Politics, Goose People, it’s Foul.” On Thursday Wildlife Conservation Board representatives met with interested parties at the Lake Earl Grange. The County was expected to open the Lake on Thursday. But apparently some one beat them to it last Friday.

Copyright 2003 The Sierra Times


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