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Dairy Farming

A dairy is a facility for the extraction and processing of animal milk (mostly from cows, sometimes from buffalo, sheep or goats) and other farm animals, for human consumption. A dairy farm produces milk and a dairy factory processes it into a variety of dairy products.


Lake Earl Grange Has 35 Club Members Enrolled In The 2007 Dairy Project

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Lake Earl Grange has 35 Club members enrolled in the Dairy Project.  Many pee-wee members will also participate in the "bucket calf" classes at the Pre-Fair and at the Grange Dairy Show on the first weekend June 1. 


This year Grange youth members have 21 bred Jersey heifers that will sell after the Del Norte County Fair.  For the last 12 years Ray and Jennifer Christie out of Humboldt County have purchased the Springer Heifers from our clubs.  We do not have a dairy sale here in Del Norte County and as a result kids sell private treaty.  Ray and Jennifer have always given a bonus price for the heifers for 10 plus years. All Grangers thank them for their support.  Club members that will have Jersey Springers for sale this year are: Taylor Sturdevant, Natthew Coopman, Ronnie Wainscott, Dalton Nichols, Cole Harper, Lydia Loftin, Kylee VanAlstein, Mauriceo Contreras, Gerardo Contreras, David Plechaty, Tami Plechaty, Danielle Plechaty, Alli Martines, David Martinez, Jonathan Martinez, Victor Martinez, Bobby Cobb, Ashlee Coopman, Ashley Hartwick, Charli Penn and Marisa Lopez.


Presently, there are 16 project members with Jersey Yearlings that will be sold in 2008.  The Mattz kids-Hunter, Hawk, Nicole and Cortney, Katie Rinkivicz, Ashley Hartwick, Ashley Coopman, Katie Dougherty, Bryson Rodriguez, Macy May, Ella Starkey, Matthew Coopman Cole Harper, Charli Penn, and Dalton Nichols.  Tahnee Ward will also be showing a yearling but has elected to put it in the family dairy after it calves next year.


Three Grangers have Sr. Jersey Yearlings to show at the upcoming shows.  Collin Sturdevant, Jordan Sturdevant and Dalton Nichols.  These will sell in 2008 after the County Fair.


Cole Harper and Dalton Nichols each have one lactating first calf heifer which they have shown as Calves and Yearlings during the past two years.  The boys kept their heifers after they freshened in February of this year.  The heifers are at the family Dairy here in Crescent City.


Tahnee Ward, Cole Harper and Dalton Nichols have their 2007 Junior Jersey calves and will show them at the upcoming Grange Dairy Show and at the Del Norte County Pre-Fair. These calves are from their Family's Dairy.  Other club members are anxiously waiting for calves.  Local Dairy Producers who sell their late Spring and summer calves to local youth are: Palmer Westbrook Inc., Tedson and Son Dairy, Jordan Creek Partnership and the Wetherell Dairy.  Several more kids are anxiously waiting for heifers to come up for Sale.


The Bucket Class Pee-Wees will start halter breaking their calves to lead next week.  The calves they use are from Jordan Creek Partnership.


The Lake Earl Grange annual Family Dairy Dinner will be held Sunday, June 24th at 6pm.  The dinner is to celebrate "June is National Dairy Month.  Dairy awards will be handed out to project members.  Adult community members who have helped support the Grange Dairy

Program will be recognized. 


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