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Ahhhh Those Lazy, Hazy, Daisy Days Of Summer

Will be anything but that! For the Lake Earl Grange (LEG) Youth and those hard core undaunted groups of LEGrange adults that turned last summer into a crazy, dizzy, wizzy series of fun filled events!

Well we're long past last summer and headed right into this year's; the months of last summer have provided enormous experiences, challenging goals, excellent lessons in team spirit and great opportunities for social interaction not to mention mind blowing growth for all our Grange Youth. As we watched, right before our eyes, our younger members sprout from babies to kids, from kids to teens and from teens to young responsible adults. All in a lazy hazy daisy summer time - WOW!

Stretching from way before Memorial to well after Labor Day.

A Grange Gang (AGG) of all volunteer adults will keep a very significant part of this communities' young thoroughly engaged, enthralled and just plain out of trouble.

Of course all this LEG activity centers on animal propagation, proper animal management and informed use of resources in Del Norte's traditional AG culture. Lambs, goats, heifers, steers and of course the most darling of "kid pets" - the horse.

More Grange youth than ever before will straddled a saddle this summer. In a horse care camps, a couple of gymcanas and several trail rides. Oh it 's not all play - they will learn proper care of animal and equipment and will no doubt find it to be both rewarding and yup -FUNNNNN!

You heard of "soccer parents" - we are just going to have approximately five of the most grueling months of farm and rural "animal husbandry" with some of the strongest ever in the LEG's history of parental participation in wide open but carefully planned community involvement.


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