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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Perissodactyla
Family: Equidae
Genus: Equus
Species: E. caballus
Equus caballus
Linnaeus, 1758 nugget

The horse (Equus caballus or Equus ferus caballus) is a sizeable ungulate mammal, one of ten modern species of the genus Equus. Horses have long been one of the most economically important domesticated animals, and have played an important role in the transport of people and cargo for thousands of years. Most notably, horses can be ridden by a person perched on a saddle attached to the animal, and are also widely harnessed to pull objects like wheeled vehicles or plows. In some human cultures, horses are also widely used as a source of food. It has been suggested that isolated domestication may have occurred as early as 10,000 years ago, but clear evidence of widespread use by humans dates to around 2000 BC, as evidenced by the Sintashta chariot burials, thus firmly establishing the domestication of the horse; however, the ability to have a horse (or horses) willingly pull a chariot (or any wheeled vehicle) implies many generations of selective breeding and a large store of knowledge about horse behavior, which pushes the date of whatever we choose to call "domestication" considerably backwards.

Presently, there are many types of horses. Some are very well known for certain particular qualities or abilities: Thoroughbreds are known for being race horses, while miniature horses serve as mounts for very small children, if they are ridden at all.

Lake Earl Grange Gymkhana Horse Team



LEG Youth Rides On

Equus Ferus Caballus


April Region 13 Gymkhana


10 Lake Earl Grange Horse Project members attended the CSHA Region 13 kick-off gymkhana for 2007 at the McKinleyville Roping Area in McKinleyville, California



Ashlee Coopman and Ashley Hartwick were the only two rated riders returning from 2006.  Both of these girls competed at the California State Competition last September and continued their fine performances in 2007.  In the 2007 season opener, Ashlee Coopman was named Reserve Champion rider in Davison 4 and Ashley Hartwick rode great but missed a pole on one of the courses. Dalton Nichols who also qualified for State in 2006 as a Division 7 rider competed with a new horse and had clean qualifying runs in all events in the 12 and under Open Division.  It takes three perfect runs in the 4 qualifying events to receive a new rating when you change to a different horse. 

9click pic to enlarge)


McKinsey Trinitapoli, as an un-rated rider, claimed first place honors in the Open Twelve and Under Division with perfect performances throughout the day.


Charli Penn and Jess Brown competed in the open 13 to 17 Division with their new horses.  Both riders finished the day with perfect course runs. Charli Penn ended the day as Reserve Champion rider for the Division.


Cole Harper, Jordan Sturdevant, Chelsey Scribner, Tayler Sturdevant and Levi Scribner all competed as first time Region 13 riders.  Tayler, Chelsey and Cole had perfect runs for the day's competition.  Jordan and Levi had qualified runs in 3 of the 4 rating events.


Other members of the traveling Gymkhana Team who were unable to attend were Maria and Galina Pilipenko who were attending their brother's College Graduation.


(click pic to enlarge)

This particular Gymkhana was the first in a series of RRGR (Redwood Region Gymkhana Riders) point shows.  Points from this show additionally count for points in the Region 13 overall "points race".


Adults providing transportation to the event were Dawn Harper, Larry Hartwick, Lance and Jennifer Scribner, Paula Strudevant, Helen Ferguson and Dede Nichols.


The next competition is May 12 at the McKinleyville Roping Arena and is a CSHA Region 13 rating show.  Competition starts at 8am.


(click pic to enlarge)



Extra Extra

Read All About It

State Qualifiers from local Grange Youth Horse Group


It was recently learned that 3 of our Horse Project Gymkhana riders have qualified for the California State Championships.

Those who qualified are:

       Ashlee Coopman/Division 4

       Ashley Hartwick/Division 5

       Dalton Nichols/Division 7


If all goes according to plan these riders will depart for Santa Rosa on October 11,2006 and compete through Sunday the 15th.


The events these riders will compete in are: the cloverleaf barrels--single stake----speed barrels--figure 8--Birangle--Big T--Poles II--Hurry Scurry--skill barrels


We wish all the riders the best of Luck!


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